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Is there any technique for preventing leaks?

Is there any technique for preventing leaks?

There are 2 main causes of the leak from the diaper:
1 ) Too much pee over the capacity of the diaper
2 ) The movement after putting on the diaper which cause the gap around the thigh or waist.

To prevent the leak
① Choose an appropriate size of diaper
② Put on diaper properly and try not to make the gap

[Tape diaper: Checking the leaks and suggestions]

Q1: Is the tape on the right position?
A1: Check the diaper tape to have the gap enough for one finger to slip in.

Q2: Does the tape on the left and the right side twist?
A2: Check the tape on the left and the right side if they are at the same position or not.

Q3: If the baby faces down, does the diaper around the stomach loosen?
A3: Check around the stomach if 1-2 fingers can slip in or not. For a boy, point the penny down.

Q4: Is there any gap at the back?
A4: Check the tape under to stomach to have a gap for 1-2 fingers can slip in.

Q5: Does the underpants slip in the diaper?
A5: To make sure the diaper will not come off, check whether the tape is tight.

Q6: Does the ruffle on the thigh slip inside?
A6: If so, it causes the leak. Take the ruffle out.

Q7: Does the inner standing leg guard stand?
A7: If it’s not, there is a gap which causes the leak. Slip the finger in between the thigh and the inner ruffle and stand it. In case of a baby boy, if the penny is not point down, it will touch the ruffle and lead to the leak.

Q8: Is there any gap at the thigh?
A8: If so, remove the diaper and redo the tape. If this is not the solution, change the new smaller size.

How to change pants diaper?

How to change pants diaper?

If the baby does not want to lie down to change the diaper, change it in standing position. It will be much easier to change and the baby does not need to lie down.

The difference between pants diaper and tape diaper is pants diaper cannot adjust the waist as much as tape diaper can. Thus, consider the weight and the appearance of the baby before making decision.

What type of children suit with pants diaper?

What type of children suit with pants diaper?

Pants diaper should be fit the body. To make it easy to put on, put the hand at the pants waist and widen it to let the children’s legs in. Let the children hold the parent’ shoulder while putting the legs into the pants. Pull the pants up and make it proper. For a boy, make sure the penny is in the center and points down.

Wearing Diaper Size M
Generally, infant age between 6-12 months are normally wear size M which is the period they start crawling, standing, and walking.
1 ) In crawling position, put on pants diaper by putting one leg at a time.
2 ) Sit the children on the lap and put on pants diaper.
3 ) If the children is able to stand, let them hold the wall, and put the leg into the pants (do not raise the children’s leg too high).

The children put on the pant diaper themselves
Putting on pants diaper in the standing position is difficult. At the beginning, let the children sit on the floor and widen the legs. Put one leg in until half way and extend the pants. After that, let the child stand up and try to put it on with assistance from parent. They will be able to do it afterwards.

Check whether the pants size is fit or not
・ If the inner mark around the thigh fits to the ruffle, the diaper perfectly fits. If there is a gap to see through, it may cause the leak.

How to choose the size of diaper to fit the baby?

How to choose the size of diaper to fit the baby?

Each child has different growth progress. At the same age level children are different in weight and appearance. At the same weight but different appearance, the baby needs different size of diaper. Consider the weight rather than the age. Choose the size that fits to the waist and thigh. We cannot immediately decide the baby should wear size M because his/her weight is 7kg.

For example If the baby’s weight is “7 kg.”, which is the age range for size S (4kg-8kg) and size M (6kg-11kg), it should be considered case by case to decide if the baby fits to S or M. Sometimes, the baby possibly fits size L.

Parent is the person who decides which size fits the baby the most. However, we provide suggestion based on the criteria below.

 "FTT (Frontal Target Tape)"

  • From the FTT, if the tape ends at 1-2, the diaper is the right size.
  • From the FTT, if the tape ends at 2-3, the diaper is a little tight and should be changed to a bigger size.
    In conclusion, it is unnecessary to change to a bigger size because the weight reaches to the size range (eg. if the baby is 9 kg, it does not mean he/she has to change to size L).

“The current size of the diaper used at the moment” fit the baby or not?

  • Fit the waist and thigh which 1-2 fingers can slip in.
  • Not fall off while wearing
  • The edge of diaper should be 1 cm. lower than the navel.
  • When stand the diaper and put on, there is no gap at the inner thigh
  • No mark left around the thigh

Choose the bigger size if unsure because it can be used in the future.

How to be a professional in putting on diaper for baby?

How to be a professional in putting on diaper for baby?

Firstly, read the instruction on a package. Then, wear the diaper properly for comfortableness and to prevent leakage.
① Unfold a diaper and stand the inner ruffle.
② Part the baby’s legs, put on the diaper with the standing ruffle and leave gap around the waist which 1-2 fingers can slip in.
③ Check the diaper tape. The tape should be on FTT between 1-3. Press the diaper tape from the top and pull the tape aside to make sure it is not loose.
④ When unfold the diaper, make sure it fits to the thigh.

How to change tape diaper?

How to change tape diaper?

Prepare all these equipment:
① A new diaper
② Cleaning equipment: Baby Wet Wipe, Toilet Tissue, Facial Tissue, Cotton containing moisture, etc.)
③ Have the towel or newspaper ready

Lay the baby on a towel or newspaper
(to prevent dirtiness from poop)

Open new diaper

Unfasten the diaper tape, clean the baby’s dirty thigh with the cleaning.

Lift the baby’s legs up, remove used diaper,
and put the new diaper underneath the baby.

Make sure the inner ruffle fit the thigh. For a boy, make sure the penny is in the middle of the diaper and point down.

Put on the new diaper between the baby’s legs, pull the front up and there should be a gap
around the waist for 1-2 fingers to slip in.

To make sure the tape is well fasten, pull the tape aside gently

The garbage may cause bacteria or the bad smell so clean the soiled item in the toilet.
Do not dump the soiled item in the sink.

Fold the soiled diaper with the clean side out and close it with the tape.

Dispose of soiled diaper follow the instruction on the package.

When is the time to change diaper?

When is the time to change diaper?

Diaper better absorbs pee and lets the air flows than cloth diaper. However, it may cause the rash if it has not been changed for a while.

The newborn, in particular, frequently pees and poos so parent should change the diaper as frequently as they can by checking the baby’ skin and the numbers of times the baby pee and poo; including consider economic condition of the family.